Archiving and preservation for research environments

Training Webinar on the Libnova solution for long-term data preservation

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ARCHIVER suppliers Arkivum and Libnova, together with their consortium partners, have been selected to continue with the pilot phase of the ARCHIVER Pre-commercial procurement tender to deliver research-ready solutions for long-term data preservation of research data in the current European Open Science panorama. The solutions developed by the two consortia are now in their pilot phase and are in the process of being published as services available on the EOSC Marketplace, thus opening the possibility to other users to exploit the long-term data preservation solutions developed in the framework of ARCHIVER PCP. With this in mind, specific training sessions are being organised to showcase to all interested stakeholders how to use the solutions and their benefits.

LABDRIVE: the ultimate Research Data Management and Digital Preservation platform

LABDRIVE is a Research Data Management and Digital Preservation platform that focuses on scientific datasets. The solution is developed by a consortium led by LIBNOVA, awarded in the framework of the ARCHIVER Pre-Commercial Procurement tender to design, prototype and pilot a solution for long-term data preservation. LABDRIVE allows organisations to transition from a siloed approach in which each series of datasets, departments or units are using multiple, disaggregated systems to keep content to a single repository that can adapt to the particularities of each dataset, unifying all content in a single platform. 
The Libnova team will be live on the 22nd of June 2022 to give an overview and training session on the Libnova solution for ARCHIVER to all interested stakeholders.


Introduction - 9:30-10:30

  • Architecture and overview
  • How research content is to be organized
10:30 -10:45 Break

Configuration - 10:45-11.55

  • Users and Permissions -
  • Archival organisation
  • Container – concept and usage
  • Introduction to metadata – concept and usage (container, item & tags)
  • Metadata configuration
11:55 - 12:10 Break

Operations - 12:10-13.00

  • Create a data container
  • Upload content
  • Download content
  • Searching
13:00 - 13:30 Lunch break

Operations - 13:30-14:30

  • LABDRIVE functions & workflows
  • Storage mode transitions
  • Reports
  • Advanced operations – Jupyter Notebooks & reproducibility

Questions and Discussion - 14:30 - 14:45


The content of the webinar is created by the Libnova consortium

Download the slides of the Training 


Watch the recording