Archiving and preservation for research environments

Technical Summaries

About ARCHIVER R&D Requirements

In order to reduce time-to-market, ARCHIVER is focused on using a staged approach for R&D.
R&D is encapsulated across 4 layers:


  1. The storage/basic archiving/secure backup  → fast ingest and access 

Layers 1-3 are considered the minimum R&D levels to be demonstrated. Layer 4 concerns the more advanced services such as data and software reproducibility and domain-specific visual representation of data. 

Below you can read and download the technical summaries showcasing the R&D potential of the solutions proposed by the ARCHIVER contractors selected for the Prototype phase.


T-Systems Logo

T-Systems International, GWDG and Onedata offer an OAIS-compliant data preservation solution, open, easy-to-use, extendable, cost- and energy-efficient, building on pre-existing and proven components for data preservation, data and workflow management.

Libnova Logo

A Research, Management and Preservation Platform combining existing technologies and new components, to overcome obstacles for research dataset management (including preservation).

A solution for long-term data management and online access to address the challenges of how cloud hosted services can be used to store, manage, preserve and provide access to petabyte scale datasets.