Archiving and preservation for research environments

Keeping intellectual control of data in the Digital Age: ARCHIVER featured in Géant Magazine

16 June 2022

Data is immensely complicated. Digital preservation involves a series of activities necessary to ensure continued access to research data for as long as necessary while keeping its intellectual control. There is not enough emphasis on the long-term curation and stewardship of data, i.e. ensuring that data is interoperable and re-usable over very long timescales in a sustainable manner. ARCHIVER Pre-Commercial Procurement is a unique initiative currently running in the context of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) framework that spent 3 years designing, prototyping and piloting innovative services for the Long Term Digital Preservation (LTDP) of scientific datasets. During the project, R&D was performed competitively by commercial suppliers, over 3 phases resulting in the selection of two consortia (led by Arkivum and LIBNOVA) providing pilot services for scientific data archiving and preservation.


ARCHIVER contribution to Long Term Data Preservation challenges is described in this article featured CONNECT40, the latest issue of the GÉANT CONNECT magazine. ARCHIVER article is featured on page 42 and 43.


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