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MCAA General Assembly and Annual Conference

Crises bring people together. 2020 has been a staple of this: everyday people rising to the role of heroes. Every time we helped our neighbors. Every time we continued to work high risk jobs like medical doctors or package deliverers. Every time we donated our time to our friends, family, kids over video-calls overcoming zoom-fatigue. Every time we wore a mask.

After one of the most difficult year this generation has ever experienced, we come together for the 2021 MCAA Annual Conference themed "Research in times of crisis" to reflect on the effects challenges have on society, especially to research and the academic environment.

We look back and celebrate how the 2020 COVID-19 emergency has led to the fastest vaccines in history. Or how labs around the world have put aside differences and the race for publications to work together to study the virus, make new tests and helping society at largest with record-breaking numbers of open access papers.

But we will also face what are new challenges for researchers. From cuts in funding to dramatic changes in the job market, we will look at how COVID-19 will impact research and academia in the coming year. And, arguably more important, what we can learn from it to be prepared for other crises we can foresee in the future.

If crises really bring people together, let's take this opportunity to connect, to share ideas and grow professionally at MCAA's largest yearly event. With more than 500 attendees, it is the perfect chance to network, to get trainings on the most requested skills for the job market, and just to relax and get inspired.

Crisis means change, but it also means community. Let's get prepared for whatever might be coming, together.

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Marion Devouassoux made a presentation on Open Science at CERN. Slides are now available at this link and the recording of the session can be viewed below.

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