EGI Conference 2020

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The 2020 edition of the EGI conference will take place virtually, from the 2nd until the 4th of November. This year's theme will be “Federated infrastructures for connected communities”, aiming to bring together science, computing, and (international) collaboration through a diverse and interactive programme. The conference programme focuses on a variety of topics that relate most to the EGI community, including the following:

  • Novel technical solutions: Existing and emerging use cases and solutions for Big Data, HTC, HPC, Accelerated Computing integration
  • Machine Learning, AI Platforms: Distributed Ml, AI and data analytics in a federated environment
  • Hybrid multi-clouds and cloud federations: Cloud federation use cases, business models, architectures and reference implementations for science, e-Government and industry; federated service management approaches at local, national and international level
  • Research Community success stories through the EGI Federation: Success stories on how scientific excellence has been enabled through the federation of national, regional and international e-Infrastructures and in particular the EGI Federation
  • Federated Access Services for distributed digital infrastructures: Emerging requirements, technical solutions and policies needed to enable federated authentication, authorization, accounting, monitoring, and discoverability of data, software, applications and all research outputs for open science
  • Frontiers in scientific computing in Natural Sciences, Health and Medicine, Engineering and Technology, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities: Future directions in technology, infrastructure provisioning and collaboration for exabyte-scale computing in all scientific disciplines, Open Science, Data analytics platforms and virtual research environments for integrated data-compute services

You can find more information here and buy your ticket here.