Archiving and preservation for research environments

ARCHIVER will take part in the EOSC-hub Week 2020

18 May 2020

ARCHIVER is taking part in the upcoming EOSC-hub week 2020 on 18-20 May 2020.

The EOSC-Hub week represents one of the most exciting events in the EOSC landscape and it foresees many sessions that embrace at 360° each aspect of the open science cloud. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the EOSC flagship event has turned into a virtual happening in a conference format, a situation that has never happened so far.

ARCHIVER is joining the EOSC-hub Week poster competition with poster number 24! 

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Voting will close on 19 May!



Acting as a collective of procurers, the ARCHIVER consortium aims to create an ecosystem for specialist ICT companies active in archiving and digital preservation, willing to introduce innovative services capable of supporting the expanding needs of research communities, under a common innovative procurement activity for the advanced stewardship of publicly funded data in Europe. These innovative services will be ready to be commercialized and will become part of the catalogue of the European Open Science Cloud, by December 2021 and therefore useable by the public research sector in Europe. These services, ensuring the long-term preservation of scientific data and turning it FAIR, are among the five types foreseen on the EOSC Strategic Implementation Plan.

The ARCHIVER Tender was closed on 28 April. 15 consortia including 43 companies and organisations applied to the ARCHIVER Request for Tenders. The best bids will be selected to start the Design Phase for ARCHIVER data preservation service in June 2020

Service onboarding
The processes of "on-boarding" services into EOSC can provide a baseline for ensuring services are compliant with these conditions. As part of it contribution to EOSC, ARCHIVER foresees a set of “derived rules” for commercial services onboarding. They include:

  • Technical rules: extensive field testing; “research data ready” archiving and preservation services
  • Legal Compliance: GDPR as an opportunity; high-quality digital services guaranteeing digital sovereignty; legal certainty for researchers how they can produce and use data
  • Financial Transactions: Business models adapted to research needs, public procurement cycles & research grants

ARCHIVER & Industry
A number of SMEs today already offer SaaS data archiving and preservation services. However, it is not demonstrated yet if the existing SME offerings can match the demands of the public research sector preserving data volumes in the petabyte region and/or managing the complexities of large-scale scientific communities. ARCHIVER is engaging with SMEs, public cloud providers & public sector entities experts in long-term data preservation, establishing an agile R&D process to co-develop new services, fostering a model that provides structure and flexibility to onboard the resulting services validated at scale to satisfy challenging research use cases.
There are a number of advantages for the SMEs selected for the ARCHIVER Pre-Commercial Procurement Tender, that includes performing R&D of archiving and preservation services aligned with the relevant standards and European legislation (e.g. GDPR and Free Flow of Data) as well as gaining access to a well-defined, multi-disciplinary research sector base, promoting a hybrid cloud model so that a continuum of services are available to European researchers.



The resulting services will become part of the catalogue of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative funded by the European Commission and therefore useable by the public research sector in Europe. 18 pan-European infrastructures, 1,7 million European researchers and 70 million professionals in science and technology are expected to make use of the European Open Science Cloud.
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