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Archiver at CS3 2020, Cloud Services for Synchronisation and Sharing

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The CS3 - Cloud Services for Synchronisation and Sharing - conference took place at Copenhagen University at the Centre for Health and Society -  in the heart of Copenhagen.
The event was organized by Danish e-infrastructure Cooperation (DeiC).

The 6th conference represented an opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas in the domain of Cloud storage, that has become a vital part of our day-by-day activities.  
Several institutes and some companies have been participated actively showing their own solutions and presented their work to the CS3 community.

The conference was addressed to SMEs, services providers, research Infrastructures, academia, repository managers and innovators.

During the workshop session, Archiver has been presented to this stimulating audience by the project coordinator João Fernandes from CERN.

Consult the presentation here:

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