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ARCHIVER contribution to the EOSC Symposium 2019

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The EOSC Symposium 2019 will take place in the charming Hungarian capital at the stunning Danubius Hotel Helia. The conference is one of the largest, yearly EOSC events and will see two deep days for all stakeholders to contribute to the discussion on the implementation of the EOSC. The EOSC Symposium represents a fundamental milestone towards the achievement of the vision and objectives of EOSC.

The event is orIt is co-organised by the EOSCsecretariat project and the main ICT eInfrastructures initiatives, namely, EOSC-hub, GEANT, OpenAIRE and PRACE in collaboration with the EOSC Governance Board, Executive Board and its Working Groups (Architecture, FAIR, Landscape, Rules of Participation, Sustainability.)


ARCHIVER and its role in the EOSC

Acting as a collective of procurers, the ARCHIVER consortium aims to create an eco-system for specialist ICT companies active in archiving and digital preservation, willing to introduce innovative services capable of supporting the expanding needs of research communities, under a common innovative procurement activity for the advanced stewardship of publicly funded data in Europe. These innovative services will be ready to be commercialized and will become part of the catalogue of the European Open Science Cloud, by December 2021. These services, ensuring long-term preservation of scientific data and turning it FAIR, are among the five types foreseen on the EOSC Strategic Implementation Plan.

ARCHIVER could therefore not miss the opportunity to officially launch its Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) tender at the EOSC Symposium, where all stakeholders will contribute to discussion on the implementation of the EOSC.

ARCHIVER will contribute to the session dedicated to “Service Onboarding”, chaired by Juan Bicarregui, EOSC Rules of Participation WG , on 26th November during the Breakout 2.

The session will offer the arena to present and discuss about ARCHIVER set of “research ready” commercial services for data archiving and preservation, co-designed, co-developed and co-tested by the research community partnering with industry; and the innovative business models for trustworthy repository services and the use of vouchers as an incentive to turn research data FAIR. The discussion will also focus around the “rules of participation” at technical, legal and financial level, for the private sector that ARCHIVER is implementing as part of its PCP process.

During the session the benchmarking and service validation test suite developed as a result of the testing activities that took place during the HNSciCloud project will also be presented.



Join us at the EOSC Symposium:

Service Onboarding, chaired by: Juan Bicarregui, EOSC Rules of Participation WG 
26th November, Breakout 2, 14:30 - 16:00 | Room: Helia conference hall

Discover more visiting the official page of the event