Archiving and preservation for research environments

ARCHIVER and its solution providers showcased at #WeMissiPRES

04 September 2020

Digital preservation is all about collaboration. In this year of lockdown and distancing a familiar fact becomes apparent: you cannot collaborate alone.

iPRES is a series of conferences on digital preservation, being held on four different continents since 2004, and embracing a variety of topics in digital preservation, from strategy to implementation, and from international and regional initiatives to small organisations. Within this broad topic area, each year the conference defines a slightly different focus.

Due to the current health situation, this year the conference will not take place physically, but this will not stop the digital preservation community from exchanging work in progress and experiences.
#WeMissiPRES will gather three half-days of online iPRES celebrations including a mix of presentations, lightning talks, panels, and participant interaction, all supported by social and networking opportunities. It will be free to attend and open to all, so it will facilitate contributions from around the world where distance might inhibit participation, or from early career professionals who might not normally be able to afford travel and registration fees. #WeMissiPRES is not a conference: there are no ‘papers’ in the formal sense and nor will there be a volume of proceedings, it is a chance to sustain the digital preservation community discussions and keep connected, until the time is right for a fully fledged conference again.

ARCHIVER will hold a presentation titled “ARCHIVER - Archiving and Preservation for Research Environments”, introducing the project and the challenges it aims to address, summarizing the outcome of the design phase, and giving an overview of the five selected consortia’s architecture.

The introduction will be held by CERN, as lead procurer and coordinator of the project, and it will be followed by four of the solution providers showcasing the approaches they are developing.

ARCHIVER presentation will take place on Tuesday 22nd of September 2020, in the framework of the Best of Digital Preservation in 2020 theme, and will follow this agenda:

  • 10:15 CEST: João Fernandes, CERN – ARCHIVER - Archiving and Preservation for Research Environments
  • 10:25 CEST: Roberta Svanetti, DEDAGROUP - ARCHIVER Platform for Long Term Data "X" Preservation
  • 10:35 CEST: Matthew Addis, Arkivum - Digital Preservation of Scientific Research at the Petabyte Scale and beyond
  • 12:15 CEST (Stream 1): Antonio Guillermo Martinez, LIBNOVA - Learnings from Artificial Intelligence applied to Digital Preservation (which is part of the Digital Preservation in 2021 session)
  • 12:15 CEST (Stream 4): Stephen Mackey, Piql and Hanne Mari Hindklev, NHA - Health data preserved in world-first archival project (which is part of the COVID 19 session)

Find the detailed program and register here.