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2nd ESFRI RIs-EOSC Workshop "Research Infrastructures shaping EOSC"

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The 2nd Workshop on the connection of ESFRI Research Infrastructures (RIs) to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC),"Research Infrastructures shaping EOSC", will take place on 6 and 7 October 2020, in Greece.

The main objective of the workshop is to bring together ESFRI, ESFRI RIs and EOSC stakeholders, in order to showcase and better comprehend the EOSC concept and value proposition for its users, and ensure the optimal federation of ESFRI clusters/ RIs with EOSC. This includes the following activities:

  • Present the current state of EOSC and see how the thematic RIs/ESFRI clusters fit into the developing landscape, including the tri-party partnership with the new legal entity (EOSC Association) and the Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SRIA).
  • Convey ESFRI RIs/Clusters/ Task Force on EOSC positions into shaping EOSC
  • Present the EOSC latest documents and the outcome of their consultations:
    • EOSC Partnership agreement and EOSC Association
    • EOSC Partnership Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (including planning for the next cycles of funding)
    • EOSC Sustainability WG latest report “Iron Lady”
  • Showcase from ESFRI RIs and clusters the EOSC concept and added-value for its users with concrete use cases, good practices and approaches for federating thematic resources into EOSC around 3 main areas:
    • Thematic Clusters/RI data and tools
    • Horizontal federated e-Infrastructure resources uptake 
    • Open Science and FAIR data sharing within and across domains
  • Present the latest technical developments and outputs of e-Infrastructure/EOSC providers:
    • Resources and services/tools for thematic providers and end users (network, computing, data, middleware/other services)
    • Developments around incentives and policies on open and FAIR data/services, their sharing and towards a cultural change, and work on skills 
  • Reflect from the users’ perspective on the status, outputs and discussions in the EOSC WGs, with focus on:
    • Architecture
    • FAIR data 
    • Rules of Participation (RoP) 
    • Other basic findings from other groups will be covered, including: the Minimal Valuable EOSC (MVE) concept. In particular, how the Clusters/RIs data producers/service providers are connected/federated (either integrated or interfaced); skills and training

The workshop will be hosted by the "Athena" Research Center, and is organised by the ESFRI Task Force on EOSC, the EOSC Cluster projects, EOSC Secretariat and the StR-ESFRI2 Project, in close cooperation with ESFRI and the EC.The physical event will also be streamed online and recorded.

Please note that participation is by invitation only. Due to limited capacity, the attendance will be limited to one person per Project/Landmark/National Delegation/Organisation. Pre-registration is mandatory and should be done via the online form.

More information are available here.